Author: Gennady Mindru
General Manager DLG RUS
Dear Partners!

Taking into account the inconsistency of information on the AgroFarm exhibition, DLG considered it necessary to contact you with an open letter, the purpose of which is to clarify and avoid further misinterpretations.

About AgroFarm

The activities of DLG in Russia began 14 years ago with the organization of the AgroFarm exhibition in cooperation with the All-Russian Exhibition Center (GAO VVC, now AO VDNH), which became the venue for the event from 2007 to 2019.

DLG, being the ideological engine of the trade fair, and AO VDNH, as the owner of the exhibition grounds, created a symbiosis that for a long time contributed to the successful holding of AgroFarm. A painful step backward in the development of AgroFarm was the year 2016, when at the VDNH exhibition grounds, for reasons independent of DLG, a short-term double rescheduling of the exhibition was carried out.

A number of difficulties did not allow thenceforth the exhibition to develop properly, despite its full potential. Therefore, and due to a number of current circumstances, according to which DLG does not seem possible to organize the AgroFarm exhibition jointly with AO VDNH, DLG management decided to terminate the simple partnership agreement.

Contrary to the agreements, our partner AO VDNH, unreasonably announced the withdrawal of DLG from the organizers and appointed itself the sole organizer of AgroFarm, not having the right to hold the exhibition without DLG and not being the copyright holder of the trademark AgroFarm. While the termination of the agreement ends the legal relations of the parties, which means the complete closure of the exhibition.

We are forced to admit that the information about the sole continuation of the AgroFarm exhibition in Russia through one of its previous organizers falsifies the facts and misleads the industry community.

DLG is the sole owner of the AgroFarm trademark series. Guided by the ethics of conducting business, as well as taking into account the long-standing partnership with VDNH and avoiding unfair competition, DLG refused to hold an exhibition under the name AgroFarm and did not use its own trademark for these purposes.

About the new DLG RUS trade fair – AGROS

Looking to the interests of the exhibition and industry community, preserving and multiplying all the best of the EuroTier and AgroFarm concepts and supplementing them, DLG launched the AGROS exhibition – a new project under a new name, at a new exhibition site, as well as on new dates, different from the AgroFarm fair.

DLG uses in its activities the competencies and the experience accumulated over many decades as an organizer of industry exhibitions in the agricultural sector. Together with a flexible approach to organizational issues and quick decision-making, a well-knit team of professionals focused on success, in a very short amount of time, DLG was able to provide the industry community with a new trade fair – AGROS.

The international specialized exhibition for professionals in animal and forage production AGROS will be held from January 29 to January 31, 2020 at the Crocus Expo IEC.

Thus, two major industry exhibitions of related topics will be held in Moscow within the indicated time frames – this is a long-standing requirement of the industry community looking for a consolidation of the market for animal production fairs in Moscow or conducting them simultaneously.

Expanded topics will include, in addition to the previous thematic sections of the EuroTier and AgroFarm trade fairs, also technologies for fodder production – a wider range of technologies in animal husbandry is a plus for specialist visitors, as well as contributes to the further development and improvement of the AGROS exhibition platform.

AGROS will be held with wide international participation – official Country Pavilions of Germany, France, China, and the Netherlands are planned.

About DLG RUS trade fairs in the regions of the Russian Federation

The organizer's industry affiliation is one of the most important success factors for DLG trade fairs. The largest exhibitions in the world AGRITECHNICA and EuroTier, as well as Potato Europe, DLG Field Days and further more than 60 exhibitions in 26 countries are a good confirmation of this.

Currently, DLG is also working on launching and development of new industry platforms in the regions of Russia. These are the trade fairs AgroExpoVostok in the Far East, AgroExpoSiberia in the Altai Region, and Potato Days Russia in the Bryansk Region.

The purpose of these platforms is to give new impetus to the development of the industry primarily through the dissemination of advanced technologies, knowledge and successful practices. Within each of these exhibitions, an extensive business programme is held with the involvement of the regional Ministries of Agriculture and the participation of Russian and international experts and practitioners.

We hope that we were able to bring some clarity to the question regarding the AgroFarm exhibition, which was held from 2007 to 2019.

Gennady Mindru

Managing director